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Welcome to KInodrome Film Festival - an "indie niche cinema event" since 2018.

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KinoDrome is: 
-- SHORT FILM and VIDEO festival; 
-- SCREENWRITING contest; 
-- PHOTOGRAPHY contest; 
-- one of best reviewed "smaller indie niche festivals"; 
-- based out of Cleveland, Ohio, USA (ground + online); 
-- listed in global database (Amazon's IMDb);

Kinodrome is about something fresh, strange, scary, provocative, shocking, weird, hilarious, or maybe politically “incorrect” and nonconformist. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “Nonconformist” as: “a person who does not conform to a generally accepted pattern of thought or action”. Be slightly DIFFERENT, provoke, make people talk about your content - because it's unlike anything else. KinoDrome doesn’t care how much money you spent on your film or video (your budget size). Your film could be shot on old film stock, or with an old camera, on your mobile phone, or an expensive high-end 8k camera. In each case, pay attention to some basic audio-visual techniques and overall quality. Regardless of "pixel quality" show us your:

-- ORIGINALITY (fresh ideas, unique visuals, creative concepts); 

-- ARTISTIC EXPERIMENTATION (slightly different mise-en-scene);


KinoDrome is less about “mainstream and popular” content, and more about “arthouse and edgy” content. This applies to all categories.

We do NOT reject properly submitted and fully completed artwork. Unlike most corporate festivals, we DO NOT send you that ugly "We are sorry..." rejection letter after you pay and submit your content. If you follow our submission rules - you WILL become an "official selection" for public show. If (for any reason) we must reject or cancel your submission - we will offer a FULL REFUND to you. The submissions open January 1st of each year (festival is in late September). 


Check us out online - Google "Kinodrome festival" to find links. Explore this site (buttons on the top). Find us on FilmFreeway, read reviews by artists and SUBMIT with confidence! Become Kinodrome's friend - we're here for YOU.

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