2020 Event / 26 Sep 2020 - virtual event

The programs and award ceremony will stream September 26, 2020 (Saturday) to September 27 (Sunday) - from this page! All streaming programs and participating works (and artists) are listed below. 




Kinodrome director Bruno Tatalovic opens up 2020 virtual festival from Cleveland, Ohio, USA.


The video of opening announcement and all programs listed below will be available to watch September 26th at noon through September 27th, in the evening; the videos will appear below each streaming program description Sep 26 at 12pm EST (U.S. time).


Film titles and authors included in this program (may stream in different order - watch entire program):

The Devil I Know by Stephen Edwards

Fairy Tales Visit the Seaside by Stuart Taylor

Coronalone by Nigel Gould-Davies          

La Cancion es Esperanza by Jean Pierre d'Alençon

Compendium of the impossible by Andrea Marchese

Lullaby for a Pandemic by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

an entombing(dis)entombing by Adam E. Stone

A Head Above the Rest by Paul Kelly

The Walk-Up by Teresa Moore

If these are the last days of my life by Peony Yip

Faux Fires of Hell by Jeff Vande Zande

Stray Thoughts by Jeff Vande Zande

Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don't by Nick Muhlbach

Lo/ve by Tempest Montgomery

Sanguine Love by B.J. Halsall

Kitsch That Fish by Meagan Koleck

Casablanca-19 by John Maslowski

Mayhem by Jason Anthony Fisher

Bloody Geyser by John Maslowski

Death in the Time of Quarantine by Logan Fry

Joe + Coffee by Kristin Walton

Take it by Txemi Pejenaute

Without Guilt by Simon Schwyzer, Celine Brunko

Droid Dreams by John Maslowski

LOVE ME TENDER by Juliette Blanche

The Chair by Ronnie Cramer

Flight by Natalie Peracchio

How to Find a Man: An Educational Film by Meagan Koleck

Strange Noises by Pauline Nowakowski

This Present Situation- A Dark Christmas Comedy by Alex Caperton

Moving-In-Law by Reynaldo Dumas

Streaming Program: LONG-SHORTS

Film titles and authors included in this program:


Wind Chimes by Pauline Nowakowski

The Prize by Johnny Wu

Sins for Hire by Philip May

PISS OFF (10) by Henry Baker

Internalized by Davis Cameron Chu, Milana Scarlato, Ethan Ngo

Under Quarantine by Davis Cameron Chu

FIRST JOB by Wayne A. Wong

Special Delivery by John Park

The Weekend by Ario Montevaghe

Puding by Boris Simic


Film titles and authors included in this program:


Look out the window still, but now you’re at the beach, by GoodSky FR / F. Ricapito

The room paints my portrait, and I paint the room's... by Sergey Zanchevskiy

Take A Seat and Look Around You by Anton Knight

Dylan in Dysmorphia by Anisha Gupte

DISTANCE by Hunter Gause

Faust by Marianna Atłas

Elegy for Unfinished Lives by Adam E. Stone

Cells by Brian Lachowski

Lairs by Emma Penaz Eisner

Melchior Strasse by Peter Mason

Migraine by John Maslowski

ANi_av1 (collage 18) by Luis Carlos Rodriguez

Unborn Rivers of Sky by Brian Ratigan

4DTI by Patrick Corcoran

Houseproud (home movie) by Tess Cortés

The immortality of the crab by Giacomo Manzotti           

Dada Ship by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Kitchen Sink Film by Gwendolyn Audrey Foster

Monster News Feed by Cara Hagan

The Intenseness by John Akre

The Banana Manifesto by Azalia Muchransyah

A Dreaming Dance Tamara Broćić

12:34 by Bahman Harati

Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime. by Stuart Taylor

Supernatural Displays of Yearning by Irina Varina

La Villa Hispana by Obediya Jones-Darre

Air and Wood by Jack Cochran, Pamela Falkenberg

Comte by Natalia Ryss

The Ennis Connection by Patrick Corcoran

Nostalgic Candy – Indré by Peter-John Campbell

With a Smile by Luna Jović

Šmeker by Strahinja Savić

Streaming Program: MESSAGES FROM ARTISTS (Q&A)

Several 2020 festival artists from around the globe - in their own words explain: motivation and meaning behind their work! 

Streaming Program: 2020 SCREENWRITING AWARDS

Presentation of 2020 screenwriting awards, featuring the names of all 2020 Kinodrome contest participating writers.

Streaming Program: 2020 FILM / VIDEO AWARDS and FESTIVAL CLOSING

Presentation of awards in all film/video categories and 2020 Eadweard Muybridge Award. 

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-   Festival Logo: “Horse in Motion” by E. Muybridge (1878, public domain)

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