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General Rules and Content Submission Categories

        Submit your content only via FF is the most popular submission platform in the world. Just create FREE account there and start exploring various festivals. The categories, fees, and rules are listed on our FilmFreeway page. Below - some basic info about the process, but SPECIFIC DETAILS are on our FF page (click on FilmFreeway logo below).

   -- CATEGORIES: we have many categories (from "one minute" films to experimental, music, minimalist, poetic, and more - see all on FilmFreeway);

   -- OFFICIAL SELECTION: means that your work will be presented publicly at the festival; you'll be officially notified via email on file 45 days before event;

   -- AWARDS: given to 6 titles in EACH category (3 national/international, and 3 local winners); check previous years (buttons above) to see past winners;

   -- SCREENING COPY: Required 15 days after "official selection notification" (digital file download through FilmFreeway or Vimeo or WeTransfer service).

   -- SUBTITLES: All non-English language films must be subtitled/dubbed in English to be eligible for screening;

   -- ENTRY FEES: see breakdown of fees on FilmFreeway (shorter content costs less, longer films cost more to submit);


Submission Schedule:

Early submissions: January 1 to April 15 (lowest fees)

Regular Submissions: April 16 to June 1 (later submissions have higher fees)

Late submissions: June 2 to July 20

See all categories, contest rules and details by clicking on FilmFreeway logo below (or search "KinoDrome" via FilmFreeway).

For those who are new to FilmFreeway, the festival's page will look like this, showing DEADLINES and CATEGORIES (current year's dates are on FilmFreeway page). If you're still confused about submission process (after visiting FilmFreeway), you can contact us via email, click on CONTACT. 

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