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2022 Event Award Winners


Festival Director's Special Awards


-- The Eadweard Muybridge Award for Outstanding KinoDramatic Content


    WINNER: "Life Drawing" by Gregory Earls

 -- The Sallie Gardner Award to Most Productive Content Creator


    WINNER: Johnny K. Wu (producer/director)


-- The Augie Starr Award for Animals in Stories or Motion Picture


    WINNER: "A Fable for Four Voices" by Deb Either


-- The Frances Marion Award to High Volume Writer


    WINNER: Casey Mensing (screenwriter)


KinoExceptional Awards

-- each category below has 1 Winner, 2 Runner Up Finalists who share 2nd place,

and additional Honorable Mention recognitions...

Photography Contest


WINNER: "My Penis Plant" by Kirby Wright

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Ghost Girl" by Andrea Gluckman

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "From Now to the Future" by Viktor Yatsev

HONOR. MENTION: "The Destruction Project" by Jojin Van Winkle



Photography Contest / State of Ohio


WINNER: "Air Lounge" by Joseph Francis

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Cascade Series" by Walter Martin

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The Defiant Pelican" by Philip May

HONOR. MENTION: "Scioto Lifting" by Molly Brewer

HONOR. MENTION: "Stop" by J. Maslowski



Screenwriting for Short Films - Shortest Length (10-pagers)


WINNER: "Old School" by Bernhard Riedhammer

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Insecticide" by Julian Hamman

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Rosa and Raini" by Tommy Britt



Screenwriting for Short Films - Short Length


WINNER: "Prepare the Way" by Tommy Britt

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "A Rather Lovely Thing" by Casey Mensing

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Sexual Proclivities by Twenty-Something in Modern America" by Zach Jansen

HONOR. MENTION: "Stranded" by Kevin Machate



Screenwriting - Mid-length or TV Pilot


WINNER: "Medusa Melrose: Drag Queen Hypnotist" by Dexter Williams

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "My Friend, The Mothman" by Tayler Carter

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The Upstairs Lounge" by Gregory Vines

HONOR. MENTION: "The Oblivious Notes" by Jason Boyer



Screenwriting for Short Films or TV Pilots / State of Ohio


WINNER: "Daphne M." by M. Carvaines

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Let's Play a Game" by Shane Thompson

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "1,000 Steps" by Virginia Shine

HONOR. MENTION: "Illumination" by Laura Jaques

HONOR. MENTION: "Regenesis" by Stephonika Kaye

HONOR. MENTION: "Without Her" by Jessica Minney



Screenwriting for Feature-length Films


WINNER: "Painlessly" by N. B. Groza

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Queen of Hearts" by K. Welton

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The Grievers" by Glenn Lissner

HONOR. MENTION: "Time, Space and the Poet" by J. Turner

HONOR. MENTION: "Call Me Thor" by J. Campbell

HONOR. MENTION: "The Impassioned Buckler" by R. Byrnes

HONOR. MENTION: "The Incredible Frog Boy" by Z. Jensen

HONOR. MENTION: "What Goes Up Must Come Down" by N. Zingarelli

HONOR. MENTION: "The Relationship Contract" by N. Rawls



Screenwriting for Feature-length Films / State of Ohio


WINNER: "Code 32" by Peter Lucic

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "A Family is a Family" by B. Anderson

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Skull Rock" by Laura Rauh



 Alternative Techniques Media 


WINNER: "Unrep0ached" by Jonathan Riles

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "E-strane(e)a Mente" by Vinz Beschi

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Everted Sanctuaries" by Ryan Lewis

HONOR. MENTION: "Touch & Paste" by Ruxandra Mitache

HONOR. MENTION: "Us" by Nelson Fernandes



Animation - Classic or Digital


WINNER: "Circle Circus" by John Akre

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Knitting Warrior" by Yiru Chen

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Eliminating Blue 2" by Austin Williams

HONOR. MENTION: "Lemon Lime" by Mara Ramirez

HONOR. MENTION: "Garbage People: Trash Conspiracies" by Brit Tobin



Animation - Classic or Digital / State of Ohio


WINNER: "Grumpy Shark" by John Maslowski

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Penser Dormir Rever" by Logan Fry

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Ask the Super 8 Magic Ball" by Jonathan Riles



Poetry or Spoken Word Experimental Cinema


WINNER: "Bad Rhyme/Duel Lament" by P. Falkenberg and J. Cochran

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Future Perfect" by Ian Gibbins

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The Exclusion Principle" by Ian Gibbins



Image-based Experimental Cinema


WINNER: "Collage 26" by L. Rodriguez

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "To Bridge or Not to Bridge" by Dee Hood

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Un-fixed Still Life of Dolly S. Dali" by J. Scully



Sound and Motion-based Experimental Cinema


WINNER: "Our Nature" by Scott Danzig

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Fresh Takes" by D. Wilde

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Sun Comes This Way" by C. Hagan

HONOR. MENTION: "Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th" by Lucas Ostrowski



Found Footage or Celluloid Tribute


WINNER: "Trying to Remember" by Rani Deighe Crowe

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Emulsion Connection" by Tsen Chu Hsu

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Dada Noise 2" by Christopher Rakas

HONOR. MENTION: "This is How I Felt" by Josh Weissbach

HONOR. MENTION: "Fluxus" by R. Hoelker



Documentary Film or Real-Life Content


WINNER: "Sugar Dre" by Cole Erickson

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The History of Cleveland's Chinatown (trailer)" by Johnny Wu

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Notebook of the Plague" by Terry Berkowitz



One-Minute Film


WINNER: "Listen" by Ismael Krall

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Her Dad's Bananas" by Jeff Vande Zande

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Man, I Hope I Don't Have That Dream Again" by J. Maslowski



Minimalist Film


WINNER: "Write What You Know" by Mylissa Fitzsimmons

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Ice Breakers" by Joe Fishel

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Transmission" by Matthew Diulus



Micro-Short Film Production


WINNER: "With Me?" by Troubadour Films

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "A Night at the Piano Bar" by Sasan Farsani

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Instructions: Staying Safe During a Pandemic" by T. Berkowitz



Mid-Short Film Production


WINNER: "Doppelganger" by Matthew Diulus

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Come Healing" by Robert Burns

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Tied Down" by Jasper Jones



Mid-Short Film Production / State of Ohio


WINNER: "Tied Down" by Jasper Jones

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Kiss Me When He's Gone" by Nick Muhlbach

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Squatchin' " by B.J. Halsall

HONOR. MENTION: "Kill World Series, ep. 2" by Johnny Wu



Long-Short Film Production


WINNER: "Life Drawing" by Gregory Earls

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "You Don't Deserve This" by Shaun Rylee

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Fragments" by Lucas Vassoughi



Long-Short Film / State of Ohio


WINNER: "The Libra" by Philip May

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The Choice" by Glass City Screenwriters

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "No Whites Allowed" by Shane Thompson

HONOR. MENTION: "Hunt" by Trevor O'Neal

HONOR. MENTION: "A Balanced Breakfast" by J.W. Cox

HONOR. MENTION: "Everything is Fine" by Jared Acker

HONOR. MENTION: "The Toll" by Alex Caperton

HONOR. MENTION: "Enabler" by B.J. Halsall

HONOR. MENTION: "The Emporium" by Daniel Griesheimer



DJ Chris Arthur Award in Music Videography


WINNER: "I Need You" by Anthony Green

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "America, I Love You" by Forest Sun

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Fibonacci" by Maliuha Dany



DJ Chris Arthur Award in Music Videography / State of Ohio


WINNER: "Thicker Than Blood" by Brando Corcino

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "The Stream" by Peter-John Campbell

RUNNER UP (2nd place): "Come On Home" by Rita Weyls



            List of Programs (as shown at 2022 festival)


Experimental / Alternative / Screenwriting / Photography


“Dada Noise 2”

“E-Stran(e)a Mente”

“Emulsion Connection”

“Everted Sanctuaries VII”

“Fresh Takes”

“Future Perfect”

“Sun Comes This Way”

“The Exclusion Principle”

“They the People”

“This is How I Felt”

“To Bridge or Not to Bridge”

“Trying to Remember”


“Collage 26”

“Un-fixed Still Life of Dolly S. Dali… a Micro Epic”

“Bad Rhyme/Duel Lament”

“Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th”

               * * *

“Screenwriting Contest Selections” (presented on big screen)

“Photo Contest Selections” (presented on big screen)



One-Minutes, Micro-Shorts, Mid-Shorts


“Ask the Super 8 Magic Ball”

“Bernie Bros Pizza Inc”


“Her Dad’s Bananas!”


“Man, I Hope I Don’t Have That Dream Again”

“The Usual Suspects”

“Penser Dormir Rever”

“History of Cleveland’s Chinatown (trailer)”

“A Night at the Piano Bar”

“A Notebook of the Plague”


“With Me?”

“Instructions: Staying Safe During a Pandemic”

“Come Healing”



“The Bat Signal Was Lit”

“Tied Down”

“Kiss Me When He’s Gone”

“Ice Breakers”

“Write What You Know”



Long Shorts I


“A Balanced Breakfast”


“Everything is Fine”



“Life Drawing”



Web Series / Music Videos


“Fibonacci” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 1)

“I Need You” (music video)

“Kill World (episode 2)

“The Stream” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 3)

“Thicker Than Blood” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 4)

“America, I Love You” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 5)

“Come On Home” (music video)



Long Shorts II


“No Such Thing”

“No Whites Allowed”

“Not Another Comedy Musical”

“Our Nature”

“The Choice”

“The Libra”

“The Toll”



Animation / Long Shorts III


“Bloody Geyser Redux”

“Circle Circus”

“Eliminating Blue 2”

“Garbage People: Trash Conspiracies"”

“Grumpy Shark”

“Knitting Warrior”

“Touch & Paste”


“A Fable for Four Voices”

“Lemon Lime”

        * * *

“You Don’t Deserve This”

“Six Feet Over”

“Sugar Dre”

“The Emporium”



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