2022 Kinodrome Film Festival



IN-PERSON screening schedule for September 25 is posted below. All of these titles (including Screenwriting and Photography selections) will be shown on our festival screen, starting at 10:30am and ending around 6pm, followed by our Awards presentation. For venue info, click on "VENUE / CITY" button above. General public can purchase tickets (10.00) online at: TICKETS


            IN-PERSON SHOWS - September 25, 2022


10:30am to 11:40am 

Experimental / Alternative / Screenwriting / Photography


“Dada Noise 2”

“E-Stran(e)a Mente”

“Emulsion Connection”

“Everted Sanctuaries VII”

“Fresh Takes”

“Future Perfect”

“Sun Comes This Way”

“The Exclusion Principle”

“They the People”

“This is How I Felt”

“To Bridge or Not to Bridge”

“Trying to Remember”


“Collage 26”

“Un-fixed Still Life of Dolly S. Dali… a Micro Epic”

“Bad Rhyme/Duel Lament”

“Shriek if You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th”

               * * *

“Screenwriting Contest Selections” (presented on big screen)

“Photo Contest Selections” (presented on big screen)




12pm to 1pm

One-Minutes, Micro-Shorts, Mid-Shorts


“Ask the Super 8 Magic Ball”

“Bernie Bros Pizza Inc”


“Her Dad’s Bananas!”


“Man, I Hope I Don’t Have That Dream Again”

“The Usual Suspects”

“Penser Dormir Rever”

“History of Cleveland’s Chinatown (trailer)”

“A Night at the Piano Bar”

“A Notebook of the Plague”


“With Me?”

“Instructions: Staying Safe During a Pandemic”

“Come Healing”



“The Bat Signal Was Lit”

“Tied Down”

“Kiss Me When He’s Gone”

“Ice Breakers”

“Write What You Know”




1:15pm to 2:15pm

Long Shorts I


“A Balanced Breakfast”


“Everything is Fine”



“Life Drawing”




2:30pm to 3:30pm

Web Series / Music Videos


“Fibonacci” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 1)

“I Need You” (music video)

“Kill World (episode 2)

“The Stream” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 3)

“Thicker Than Blood” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 4)

“America, I Love You” (music video)

“Kill World” (episode 5)

“Come On Home” (music video)




3:45pm to 4:45pm

Long Shorts II


“No Such Thing”

“No Whites Allowed”

“Not Another Comedy Musical”

“Our Nature”

“The Choice”

“The Libra”

“The Toll”




5pm to 6:15pm

Animation / Long Shorts III


“Bloody Geyser Redux”

“Circle Circus”

“Eliminating Blue 2”

“Garbage People: Trash Conspiracies"”

“Grumpy Shark”

“Knitting Warrior”

“Touch & Paste”


“A Fable for Four Voices”

“Lemon Lime”

        * * *

“You Don’t Deserve This”

“Six Feet Over”

“Sugar Dre”

“The Emporium”




7:15pm to 7:45pm

-- Awards 

-- Festival Closing