2019 Festival Award Recipients



“My Mattachine” by M. Mulcahy (USA)

“It’s Just Sex” by AJ Frank (USA)

“Going to the Store” by A. Lewis (USA)

“The Marsden Motion” by B. Bostic (USA)

“Wants, Needs and Apologies” by S. Brosius (USA)

“Occupied” by M. Austin (USA)

“Old Town” by J. Beck (USA/Croatia)

“Desperate Measures” by P. Nowakowski (USA)


“Severance” by Z. Kuehn (USA)

“The Balking Dead” by J. Maslowski (USA)

“BOOKANIMA: Dance” by S. Kim (Korea)

“Super Cut Free Way” by V. Diogo (Portugal)

“I am He Who Created Himself” by E. Eisner (USA)

“Freebasing Red Bull” by J. Maslowski (USA)

“Rythmes Cycliques” by D. Bussan (USA)

“War Scarred Berlin” by R. Fuhrmann (Germany)

“Birth Cycle” by Z. Zych (USA)

“Unison” by S. Wright (USA)

“Secouer” by A. Siddique (USA)

“30 Days a Week” by M. Esmaili Zand (Iran)


“Seasonal Creep” by J. Klingensmith (USA)

“Duct Tape” by M. Diulus (USA)

“Fear Itself” by A. Caperton (USA)

“Into Focus” by Z. Hoover (USA)

“Counter // Balance” by A. Rana (USA)

“You can Run” by R. Gareau (USA)

“The Final Rite” by S. Ezoubeiri (USA)

“NOISE.” by M. Staver (USA)

“Boys Club” by J. Riddell (Australia)


“Bringing schools to where there are none!” by G. D’Agostino (Italy)

“2 Faces” by A. Thora (Martinique)

“Date Night” by K. Jackson (USA)

“Empathy” by L. Colsa (Spain)

“Search Party” by J. Vande Zande (USA)

“Static Journey” by N. Garcia Perchin (USA)

“Pulpe Fiction” by J. Tarkowski (France)

“Fine Line” by C. Hogue (USA)

“Spooky Talent Agent” by V. Breheny (Ireland)

“Bon Appetit” by S. Haghighivand (Iran)

“Tiger Toilet” by L. Unger (USA)

“Hunger for Human Warmth” by A. Faye (France)



“Lingering Effect” by J. Vande Zande (USA)

“The Silent Awakening” by P. Verma (USA)

“In the Light” by M. Herpai (Hungary)

“T.F.O.S.: The Destructor” by L. Fry (USA)

“The Bibcocks’ Incursion” by N. Ward (USA)

“One in the Barrel: a Western Flick” by L. Caraballo (USA)

“The Grassy Null” by J. Pfeffermann (USA)


“Untitled #1” by E. Smith (USA)

“Seven Circles” by J. Kukis (USA)

“Masheenee Alcketiara” by E. Shah (Kuwait)

“Running in Circles” by B. Cassinelli (UK)

“Feel” by V. Bozovic (Montenegro)

“I Must Stay” by S. Savic (Serbia)

“Mercy Marie” by E. Smith (USA)


“The Buffinator” by J. Maslowski (USA)

“Mythical History” by C. Michelangeli (Italy)

“True Declaration of Independence” by J. Fisher (USA)

“Arianrhood: A New Beginning” by P. Hollins (USA)

“Feed the Kids and Watch Them Grow” by AJ Frank (USA)

“History of Present Illness” by P. Anjum (USA)

“The Court of the Veil” by M. McClure (USA)

“Wanda’s Place” by P. Grajnert (USA)

“Lab Partners” by T. Britt (USA)

“Syllable Blues” by B. Riedhammer (Germany)

“The Book Collector” by J. Simon (USA)

“Discreet Meat” by M. Seymour (UK)

“Weekend Warriors” by B. McDevitt (USA)

“District 1” by S. Miller (USA)

“Creeper’s Lounge” by S. Stark (USA)

“A Vampire Gets Clean” by A. Archambault (USA)

“Zombie 101” by K. Broderick (UK)

“Decisions” by C. Mack (USA)

“The Habit” by L. Little (Trinidad & Tobago)

“Melodrama” by S. Savic (Serbia)



“Boneyfiddle” by T. Carter (USA)

“Transgressions” by A. Mertens (USA)

“Everybody’s on the Run” by C. Mensing (USA)

“Road Trippy” by J. Heath (USA)

“Supposed to Be” by B.A. Blue (USA)

“This is What You Get” by N. Zingarelli (USA)

“The Cocooned Wings of a Pending Butterfly” by S. Ryan (USA)

“In the Game” by J. Fisher (USA)

“Frontage” by D. Fehr (Switzerland)

“Execution Day” by M. Reid (USA)

“Stranger to Blue Mountain” by H. Davidson (USA)

“Alabama Sun” by K. Murphy (USA)

“Little Things Mean a Lot” by M. Monteith (USA)

“Angel City” by A. Mertens (USA)

“Beating Vegas” by J. Fisher (USA)

“A Holiday Sensation” by M. Snow (USA)

“The Phorcynes” by D. Petonic (USA)

“Sperm Bankruptcy” by T. Caputi (USA)

“Withdrawal” by V. Miller (USA)

“Broken Evie Taylor” by S. Jenkins (USA)

“Gene Pool” by K. Bogan (UK)

Thanks to all 2019 festival participants, Judges and attendees! See you next year.

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